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No matter who you are or where you’re from, you have a story to tell. Whether you’re just starting out or have been writing for a while, Writers Spotlight wants you to become the best writer you can be and have a greater opportunity to bring your script to the big screen. Writers Spotlight, more than just hope.

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Cultivate your screenwriting craft by analyzing your story with a community of dedicated writers. Learn all the aspects that make a script great through giving and receiving in-document notes with your peers and the pros.

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Find your community

Join a community of screenwriters working to help and inspire each other. Connect through virtual writer’s groups, messaging, and swapping scripts with fellow creatives. Don’t go on this journey alone.

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Advance your craft

Our multi-tiered rating system is specifically designed to give your script more chances to gather clout. As it improves, you have the opportunity and exposure to have your work viewed by industry professionals. Let your script naturally rise within our system.

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Capture an Industry professional’s interest with our one-page pitch. Including basic details about your script such as logline, peer and pro recommends, notable strengths, and a direct link to read the script.


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Filter scripts to your company’s specific interests and needs. Don’t waste your time on scripts that have no peer reviews or Industry recommends. Watch writers as they improve through our process. Better writers mean better scripts.

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Need more detailed information? You’re in luck. The Writers Spotlight platform was designed by writers for writers. Yes, we love to write too! Check out our knowledge base and find out what our site can do for you.