Simple Pricing

For a small monthly fee, invest in what you love and impact your writing career like never before.

$29.95 /mo

Our Monthly Plan Features

Unlimited scripts

There’s no extra charge or fee per script. Your membership allows you to upload all of your work including multiple drafts of the same script.

Script Pitches

You’ve done the work, now let us spotlight it. Script pitches allow you and your script to stand out to professionals by highlighting your strengths and accolades.

Writer’s profile

Simply upload your scripts and fill in your profile to showcase your unique personality, your work, and the accolades you’ve earned.

In-document notes

Giving has never been easier. Highlight a section, leave a sticky note, or use strike through on the script document to simplify your feedback.

Peer-to-peer feedback

Improve your work with a second set of eyes. Receive notes, category specific ratings, and more from your fellow writing peers. Everything you need to make that next draft great!

Script accolades

With our feedback system you’ll be able to receive a variety of badges for your script’s specific strengths, peer and pro recommends, and honor awards for your given feedback.

Review swapping

Privacy settings and swap requests allow you to choose who you want to exchange feedback with. Swap your scripts with writers who can give you high-quality feedback.

Writer groups

Search for like-minded writers or create your own group. Build a community of accountability, growth, and quality reviews. Share your work with confidence.

And more coming…

We have big plans for adding new features to the Writers Spotlight platform. Stay tuned for the latest updates as we continue to change the industry.