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An industry professional platform using your filters to screen writers. Now your company can focus on reading only high-quality scripts that are of interest to you. This is the place to find new voices without wasting your time on poor work.

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Your Time is Valuable

Reduce the high volume of scripts, cold calls, emails, and queries by sending screenwriters our way. We know your problem is not too many scripts. It’s too many scripts that range from bad to good, when you need great! Problem solved!

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Better Writers Mean Better Scripts

It’s not your job to teach new screenwriters how to write or give them feedback on their scripts. While you might enjoy helping new emerging writers, you don’t have the time to help every writer improve their work. That’s our job. Our website helps writers improve with peer feedback and paid industry pro feedback before the script ever ends up in your library.

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Discover New Voices

You’ll be able to visually see a writer’s work and effort to become great. The accolades on both a writer’s profile and their individual scripts represent their improvement and excellence so you can know when a writer’s material is worth your time.

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Pro Scripts

A script library where you can discover, read, and share scripts with other professionals. Find scripts that match your interest through specific filters and preferences.
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Set Filters and Preferences

Set filters for scripts that fit your company’s development slate. Filters range from type of script to anticipated budget to genre. Set your preferences to limit the scripts in your library based on the number of peer and industry pro recommends.


Personalized Script Library

While browsing through scripts that have been filtered specifically to your interests, simply remove a script or save it to your list. Your assistant can easily further filter unwanted scripts from your library and save scripts to your list after they have read it.


Customized Shared Lists

A new way to effortlessly share scripts amongst your company and other colleagues. Simply create a list and add the people you want to grant access. Then whenever you find a script worth sharing, you can save it to your customized list, and it will automatically be shared with those people.


Social Network

Allow writers to contact you on your terms. Keep your personal social media and email separate with this professional business account. You can now avoid receiving countless emails, friend requests, and messages on your personal accounts. Writers cannot message you unless you accept their friend requests.
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Industry professionals get access to the Writers Spotlight platform for FREE. We want more professionals who are active in the industry, have a good eye for writing potential, and love to stay on the cutting edge of creativity. If you haven’t signed up yet, get verified today and see how Writers Spotlight will help make your life easier.

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