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You’ve already put hard work into making your script the best it can be, now enhance your pitch with the recommendations and honors you’ve received on our site. Easily pitch your scripts, and yourself as a writer to professionals outside of Writers Spotlight.


A Powerful Tool To Showcase Your Work

Share your personal URL link to your script pitch with anyone you want. Professionals are more likely to read scripts that have received accolades. Boost your chances for success with your WSL script pitch promoting the accolades you’ve earned on our site. With this tool, help professionals get a better grasp of your strengths as a writer.
Virtual Writer's Resume

The Writer’s Section

As a writer you’re not only promoting your script but pitching yourself as well. Here’s your chance to show off your overall number of peer recommends, the more prestigious industry pro recommends, and how many scripts you’ve written. Display your hard work and let professionals know a little more about you.

Cover Photo & Title

Your photo and title are directly linked to your profile. When you send the link to someone, they can easily see who you are and what you do.

Badge Display

Your accolades as a writer are visible beside your photo so you can show off your achievements and marketability.

Add Some Personality

The excerpt from your profile’s bio let’s professionals know a little more about your personality.

Feature a Specific Work

Give your best work a better chance to stand out with peer and pro recommends displayed directly next to the Start Reading button. With your script’s logline, details, and notable strengths, let us show off your script’s potential when you send it to a professional.
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