The Rating System

A qualitative approach to reviews

Whether you’ve finished a new draft or your final draft, quality feedback is essential. Our review system allows for you to improve your script with guided feedback, focus ratings, and recommends. It’s designed to spotlight your achievements while only revealing to you the areas you can improve on as a writer. Your status as a writer is not based on an average number scale that could be hurt by one poor review, but on the number of recommends, strengths, and honors you’ve earned on the site. The more you earn, the more you stand out.


Easy and Intuitive Review Wizard

The review wizard is designed to help a reviewer give great feedback. The wizard asks a series of questions on each focused area of a script in order to guide them through the review process. This way the writer can learn the strengths and weaknesses of their script.

Divided Into Focuses

Reviews are divided into the following aspects of a script: premise, plot, character, dialogue, and structure. Most writers have a strength that stands out like plot or characters. However, rarely is a writer strong in every aspect. Reviewers giving attention to each focus benefits the writer by revealing specific weaknesses in the script as they approach their next rewrite.

Optional Inputs

Most professional reviewers have a great deal of experience giving script feedback. The input section is optional. Reviewers who don’t need guided feedback can simply fill in the notes section for each focus.

Review Wizard

A Review With Layers

Specific notes are the best way to help writers improve their scripts. Through multiple choice questions, short answers, and focus ratings, the reviewer can give the writer a new perspective on their script.
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Yes or No

Multiple Choice

With simple yes or no questions, reviewers are able to easily convey whether or not the writer needs to work on specific aspects of the script.

Short answer field

Short Answer Format

The carefully formatted questions in each focus help the reviewer provide answers that help the writer improve their script and overall writing skills.

Short answer field

Focus Rating

A focus rating allows the reviewer to rate each aspect of the script, either weak, average, or strong. This allows the writer to clearly see the strengths and weaknesses in their script and overall writing. Professionals can also see the strengths on a script which could further peak their interest. Writers can choose when they are ready to start receiving focus ratings.

The Big Recommend

At the end of the day, all writers want someone to read their script and say it’s great. However, most of the time when someone likes your script, unless they know who to send it to, it ends up not pushing your script forward. We promote both industry pro and peer recommends. Peer recommends allow your script to receive accolades in order to catch a pros’ attention. Once you’ve received a lot of peer recommends, then you can start working on getting industry pro recommends on the site.

Script Recommend

Honors For Excellence

When you give great feedback on our site, writers have the option to honor you with an award. A writer can select between helpful, quality, or inspiring when they believe you’ve done an excellent job reviewing their script. These honors are important. They are another badge to display on your profile and your Script Pitch to show your writing ability.

Writer Profile

Your honor awards as a reviewer are displayed on your profile. Anyone looking at your profile, either a professional or another writer, will know you give great feedback.

Your Script Pitch

Honors are displayed on your pitch to show professionals that you have the ability to give quality script reviews. When a professional learns that you are a good reviewer, they are more inclined to read your script. It can also lead to other opportunities within the industry.

Script Honors

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