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A Profile with Personality

Display your credentials and express yourself. Your public works can be seen on your profile in order to show professionals that you’re serious about your craft. While other sections like favorites, can motivate others to want to work with you by seeing your fun, creative side and your inspirations.
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Groups for Meaningful Connections

Connect and share your experiences, dreams, expertise, and journey with fellow writers who are working toward the same goal.
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Topics of Interest

Explore groups focused on a specific topic of interest. Find kindred spirits whether you only want to read and discuss Oscar nominated films or B-Action movies. Whatever your interest is, there’s a group for it, and if not, you should create it.
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Create a Writers’ Group

Set yourself up for success by joining or creating a writers’ group. Whether you meet in person or online, writers’ groups allow you to easily grant all members of the group access to your work. Share your scripts with the people you trust for quick, valuable feedback.
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Community Based Learning

We’re all in different stages in our journey, so find a group where you can learn more about screenwriting and the industry. Groups where you can ask and answer questions, helping everyone in the community to achieve their dreams.
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Chat with Friends

Add members as friends so you can easily message them directly through chat.
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Swap Scripts & Inspire Each Other

Exchange scripts through our ScriptShare app. When you swap scripts, you and a fellow writer enter into an agreement to read and give feedback on each other’s scripts. Through this community-oriented process writers can improve, receive recommends, and help each other’s work rise to the top.
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Network with Industry Pros

Professionals can message the writer directly from the writer's script in the Pro Scripts section. Writers can also send a friend request to pros they know in order to share their scripts and exchange messages. The Pro always has a choice whether or not to accept a friend request.
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